Tag Mixing Kit


Tag Mixing is a way of making new playground games from the building blocks of many popular games like tag and hide-and-seek.

The Tag Mixing Kit project offers a series of tools for using these building blocks: cards, maps and more.

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Hi! Have you tried Tag Mixing and have some feedback? I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what you think of it, how does it work for you, what could be better. Please e-mail me if you’d like!


This set of cards is not a game: it’s a tool for making games! Each card is a building block and together they form a complete playground game design system.

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The map is a maze of all possible options for making playground games. Getting lost in it is another way of exploring how games are made.

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This one is going to be an online platform for making, remixing, hacking, forking and sharing playground games.

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Modules may not look as the more exciting part, but they are what is underlying underneath all the other resources –even the ones that don’t exist yet!

They are pulled out straight from popular games and serve as ingredients for every games made with Tag Mixing Kit.

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