Tag Mixing Kit

Tag Mixing Kit is all about playground games, how they work, what are their mechanics and what new games can be made from them. It starts as a system of connected modules designed for creating new outdoor games and remixing the traditional ones.

All these building blocks were extracted from the gameplay of many existing children games and their variants – tag, hide-and-seek, ringolevio, four corners, statues, etc. By combining them differently, it’s possible to make new hybrid games!

This modular game construction kit is now shaped into different tools. One is a set of cards, another is a map of all possible games, a third will be a digital interface. All these resources encourage the exploration of the design of tag-based games, and especially the uncharted land of yet-to-exist games!

Everything here is, and will always be, freely licensed under a Creative Commons agreement to make it easy to fiddle with the system and make it into other things.


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